Lynn Thurston, Owner


I never set out to be produce wholesaler. I wanted to work outside and work for myself. Farming!! That’s it! What a good idea! Well, maybe………



I didn’t grow up on a farm and I had a lot to learn. So after getting a taste of the produce business working at Frieda’s Specialty  Produce in Los Angeles, I returned to my native "Great State of Maine" and started farming. However, I needed a job to support my farming venture, so I started brokering herbs and wholesaling fiddleheads.


I enjoyed most aspects of farming (except for fixing the equipment) and grew 5-10 acres of specialty produce such as flowering kale, napa cabbage and bok choy.  Unfortunately, after 15 years, I had to quit because of back problems. The experience taught me how hard it is to make a living farming and I resolved to try to help other small farmers.


Meanwhile, I was always disappointed I couldn’t buy Maine Wild Blueberries at the local store. Less than 1% of wild blueberries are harvested for the fresh market because of the extra care it takes to rake and clean them.   It has taken a few years to build relationships with growers, develop packaging and learn proper postharvest handling procedures.  We now pick up wild blueberries from 8 different growers and distribute them to retail chains and farm stands. We hope you find some near you!


I hope you enjoy meeting these hard working farmers under Grower Profiles.